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Each of our committees serves a different purpose – please read the below descriptions and reach out to the team related to your inquiry.


The Co-Directors lead the GES committees throughout the year. The Directors’ main responsibilities include fundraising, vision setting, staff and executive board recruitment, and being the face of GES to the greater Northwestern community.  

To contact the Directors, e-mail

Delegate Outreach

The Delegate Outreach Committee is responsible for recruiting all delegates for the summit. The committee advertises the summit to a worldwide audience, collects and reads applications, and awards need-based financial aid to accepted delegates.

To contact the Delegate Outreach Committee, e-mail

External Relations

The External Relations committee is responsible for maintaining the GES Alumni network, and also ensuring delegate engagement in their projects post-Summit by providing consulting opportunities, grants and other resources.

Our Alumni team, a division of External Relations, works to keep all past delegates connected and engaged for years to come. We host virtual meet-ups and discussions, and connect past delegates to new opportunities for themselves or their projects. We also send out a quarterly newsletter to alums to update them on GES happenings and opportunities. Sign up for our Alumni Newsletter Here. The Alumni Network is a great way to spread news about your new initiatives, get help from your peers, or simply keep in touch!

To contact the Alumni team, e-mail

We send out a quarterly newsletter to alums to update them on GES happenings and opportunities. Sign up for our Alumni Newsletter Here.

We are interested in connecting delegates to people or organizations with expertise in marketing, tech, entrepreneurship, data analytics, crowdfunding, and more. Our goal is to create and foster these relationships in order to provide mentorships or services to the delegates’ projects to help the projects develop and reach their potential.

If you would like to partner with GES to provide an outcome, whether it be a grant, mentorship, or consulting service, contact 

Content Development

The Content Development Committee shapes and executes the Summit’s curriculum through recruitment of keynote speakers, workshop facilitators and mentors. This is a key aspect of passing along tangible skills to the Summit’s delegates. 

To contact the Content Development Committee, e-mail

Media & Marketing

The Media and Marketing Committee maintains the GES brand in all public spheres. The committee creates all printed materials, videos, and merchandise for staff and delegates. They also curate and maintain GES’s social media presence--and this website!

To contact the Media and Marketing Committee, e-mail

Campus Relations

The Campus Relations Committee expands the GES network across Northwestern's campus by planning events related to our mission and values. The committee collaborates with other student groups to bring speakers dedicated to community engagement and advocacy, such as former US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power. During the summit, CR organizes our annual Keynote Speaker Event to speak to our delegates and the greater Northwestern community about their story. This past year, they brought American civil rights activist DeRay McKesson to speak to his experience as an activist in the Black Lives Matter movement. Lastly, they work to incorporate artistic expression into the summit through our annual photography exhibition, the OpenShutter Show. 

To contact the Campus Relations Committee, e-mail

Community Development

The Community Development Committee creates and teaches the staff curriculum to ensure that every GES staff member is prepared to help further delegate projects. The committee also plans bonding events to make sure everyone feels at home in the GES family.

To contact Community Development, e-mail