Kyle Allen-Nielsen, Co-Director
Los Angeles, CA / Northwestern '16, Political Science & International Studies

What inspires Kyle: Seeing the dynamism that GES delegates bring to campus every year

Kyle loves running, walks by Lake Michigan, the Los Angeles Dodgers, libraries and old books. But the thing nearest and dearest to his heart are videos and pictures of golden retriever puppies.

Diego Henriquez-Garcia, Co-Director
Fort Lauderdale, FL & Houston, TX / Northwestern '16, Political Science & International Studies

What inspires Diego: The GES staff members

Diego was born in Venezuela, lived in Florida, studies near Chicago and is moving to San Francisco. He loves discovering new music, cooking with friends and reading (though the occasional Netflix binge is required). The folks of GES have become his family during the past years, and he is overjoyed to work with Kyle as Co-Director.


Medha Imam, Co-Chair of Alumni Relations
Oak Brook, IL / Northwestern '17, Journalism & Political Science

What inspires Medha: Storytelling, faith

 Medha Imam is a multimedia journalist, hoping to share compelling narratives from all over the world. She is studying journalism and political science at Northwestern University. Currently involved with two school publications as the Editor-in-Chief of Al Bayan Magazine and a video editor for North by Northwestern, journalism is her passion. 

With an obsession for Rom-Coms, Medha can be seen in her spare time watching shows like The Mindy Project, New Girl and Silicon Valley. With a year long tan, she embraces her South Asian skin tone and culture by constantly jamming out to Bollywood music. And when she's not singing or dancing, she's reading the news or keeping up with new and upcoming startups. 

Sanchita Kanthadai, Co-Chair of Alumni Relations
Hong Kong / Northwestern '16, Learning and Organizational Change

What inspires Sanchita: Inspirational quotes and chocolate

After two amazing years on the GES Campus Relations, Sanchita is excited to switch it up and take on a new challenge. GES has pushed her to think through different perspectives, and as a result, she often re-evaluates her opinions on everything from social issues to the best Instagram filter. Talk to her about fusion cuisine, hiking roller coasters and world geography. 

Amanda Stephens, Co-Chair of Alumni Relations
Los Altos, CA / Northwestern '17, History

What inspires Amanda: People pursuing their passions

Amanda is a junior who cannot believe how fortunate she is to be in her third year of GES. Outside of her love for GES, she is a counselor for Camp Kesem and a Brady Scholar. She can often be found on campus talking too loudly in the library and laughing too hard at her own jokes. She can't wait to see how amazing GES will be this year, and knows it will be the best summit yet! 


Carolyn Brooks, Co-Chair of Campus Relations
Houston, TX / Northwestern '17, Biological Sciences & Global Health

What inspires Carolyn: Exploring

Carolyn is excited to start her second year in the GES community and share all our family love with the rest of Northwestern! That said, she is a pretty easily excited person. Other things that get her going include: family dinners, farmers' markets, the Academy Awards, baking brownies for loved ones, not having to take Organic Chemistry anymore, and making emotional connections. 

Diana Armacanqui, Co-Chair of Campus Relations
Madison, WI / Northwestern '16, Economics & Environmental Sciences

What inspires Diana: A good conversation and trees

Diana has spent summers interning with a non-profit in the Dominican Republic implementing a micro-consignment model in communities and most recently, in wealth management for a bank in Chicago. She is curious about people and solving problems, and that has led Diana to all sorts of experiences and opportunities. She loves one-on-one conversations, absorbing the outdoors, a great photograph, markets anytime and anywhere, oatmeal and learning people's cultures. Diana likes feeling like an idiot in how little she knows and how much there is to explore and wants to be stopped in her tracks.

Asli Salihoglu, Co-Chair of Campus Relations
Istanbul, Turkey / Northwestern '17, Economics & International Studies

What inspires Asli: Right now? Macarons

Asli is thrilled to enter her second year in GES! Unfortunately, she had to spend a portion of it away from the family; she did the cliché thing and decided to do a study abroad program in Paris. Besides that, she is immensely interested in period dramas, beautiful and brilliant friends, Raphael (both the painter and the tennis player), high calorie and yummy French food and Latin dancing of all kinds.


Mollie Leavitt, Co-Chair of Community Development
Highland Park, IL / Northwestern '18, Journalism & Political Science

What inspires Mollie: Meeting new people and hearing their stories

Mollie cannot wait for her second year with GES! Building community, making new friends and learning new things are her favorite pastimes, so this year is bound to be a blast. When Mollie isn't globally engaging, she's probably writing, listening to Simon & Garfunkel, or watching old Saturday Night Live sketches. She can't wait for another amazing year with GES!

Sarah Faruqui, Co-Chair of Community Development
Hong Kong / Northwestern '18, Political Science

What inspires Sarah: Silver linings

Sarah was born in Pakistan, but grew up in Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Prague and Hong Kong, which she considers her home. Sarah can be found eating absurd amounts of Pad Thai and watching absurd amounts of Parks & Rec. She is loving Northwestern and thankful that she gets to meet the best people on campus through GES. Sarah is super pumped to work with Kevin and Mollie to develop the amazing GES community. Although she is very excited for GES 2016, she is already dreading the winter that stands between her and that really awesome week in April.

Kevin Nigarura, Co-Chair of Community Development
Centerville, OH / Northwestern '16, Philosophy, Economics & Legal Studies

What inspires Kevin: Empathetic leaders and BBQ

This is Kevin's second year in GES and he is absolutely thrilled to get the opportunity to work with this team of passionate and caring individuals. During his time here at Northwestern, Kevin has enjoyed expanding his views and thoughts to his political and social views. He absolutely loves the driven student population here and is never at loss for words when it comes to praising NU - whether that be to prospective students or the newest class of Wildcats!


Allison Hurst, Co-Chair of Content Development
Eden Prairie, MN / Northwestern '17, Computer Engineering

What inspires Allison: Fresh air and SpaceX

This will be Allison’s third year as a GES staff member and she is ready for the great adventure that is Content Development. If you would like to know what makes Allison tick, she suggests watching a few of Casey Neistat's vlogs on YouTube. She also suggests reading a blog called Wait But Why. And now she leaves you with this quote: "[K]nowledge is preferable to ignorance. Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable. Modern science has been a voyage into the unknown, with a lesson in humility waiting at every stop. Our commonsense intuitions can be mistaken. Our preferences don't count. We do not live in a privileged reference frame. If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal." - Carl Sagan

Ryan Kenney, Co-Chair of Content Development
Sudbury, MA / Northwestern '16, American Studies & History

What inspires Ryan: Random acts of kindness

Ryan enjoys long walks through food markets and getting caught in the sun. Exploring foreign lands, menus, and good ideas are what get him going. He can't wait to embark on The Global Engagement Summit this year and see what new heights this spectacular community can reach together.


Jacob Humerick, Co-Chair of Delegate Recruitment
Highland Park, IL / Northwestern '16, Political Science & International Studies

What inspires Jacob: Exploring

Jacob loves to travel, read and swim in the ocean. He weirdly misses film photography, and has yet to try a food he dislikes. He is passionate about GES because of the people and ideas it brings together from all corners of the world, and the way it transforms strangers into friends.

Sanya Mansoor, Co-Chair of Delegate Recruitment
Kashmir, India / Northwestern '16, Journalism & Political Science

What inspires Sanya: Her Grandfather

Sanya has been part of GES since she was a Freshman at Northwestern. She can't imagine college without it. Sanya has lived in India, England, Singapore and the U.S. She loves journalism and meeting new people. Sanya also loves ridiculous would-you-rather questions and wishes the crust:cheesecake ratio in cheesecakes would have more crust.

Yasmin Gore, Co-Chair of Delegate Recruitment
Toledo, OH / Northwestern '16, Human Development & Psychological Services

What inspires Yasmin: Spinal surgery

Yasi was thrilled to find a home in the GES family as a Freshman and now as a Senior. She can't wait to recruit and connect delegates from around the world with her co-chairs Sanya and Jacob. Through the advice and direction of fellow GES members, Yasi ventured to Bolivia working as a community consultant intern, which helped to shape her understanding of development work. After graduation, Yasi hopes to somehow find her way into medical school following her dream to participate in the development world as a doctor. As a result, she can frequently be found in the library attempting to study or engaging in one of her favorite past times: stress-eating Cheez-Its. When not in the library or helping to build the GES family, Yasi can be found trying new restaurants in Evanston, catching some fresh air with her friends, or doing nothing but sitting on a couch (that probably happens more than it should...).


Nate Ezolino, Co-Chair of Finance and Fundraising
Weston, FL / Northwestern '17, Industrial Engineering

What inspires Nate: People doing good things, no matter how small or big.

As a student at Northwestern with a full schedule, it can be hard to make meaningful impact in the community. Meeting with the delegates during the annual summit and learning how they're tackling the world's problems is nothing short of inspiring. Being able to help them refine their ideas is really important to me and has made me more invested in GES than in any other organization at Northwestern. Everything we do as an organization is to help the delegates and, in turn, help their projects and efforts that have immeasurable impact. That's why I do what I do within GES. 

Alex Gedalin, Co-Chair of Finance and Fundraising
Glenview, IL / Northwestern '16, Psychology & Economics

What inspires Alex: The present moment

As a finance and fundraising co-chair, Alex is working on building GES's fundraising strategy, raising money for the group and making sure that funds are distributed effectively. When he isn't on the phone speaking to a potential donor, Alex is likely exploring all that Northwestern has to offer during his final year of college. After entering Northwestern as an Economics major, and trying everything from physics to Russian literature, Alex found an excitement in psychology, and hopes to play a role in the industry sometime in the future. From practicing Zen & Vipassana meditation to Bikram Yoga, he enjoys taking time to learn more about himself and the world in which he lives. Always one to meet new people and explore new ideas, he'd love to get to know more about you!


Daniel Sosnovsky, Co-Chair of Logistics
 Marietta, GA / Northwestern '17, Industrial Engineering & Statistics

What inspires Daniel: The Next Step

Daniel's worldview is a product of his parents' decision to immigrate to the United States from the Soviet Union in 1989. They've shown him much of the world, but taught him that what really matters most is home. On campus, Daniel is the Co-President of Points for a Purpose, a Tour Guide (Go 'Cats!), and a brother of Sigma Chi. For fun, Daniel enjoys reading and arguing about sports, messing up idioms and going into Chicago and spending too much on a delicious dinner.

Shoshi Shapiro, Co-Chair of Logistics
New York, NY / Northwestern '17, Learning and Organizational Change, Civic Engagement & Design

What inspires Shoshi: Kids and youthful energy

Shoshi is a Junior who grew up in New York City loving the bustle of the city, bagels and walking around. She just spent the summer in Israel and could be found on the beach or going to the markets to get tomatoes and cheese. Shoshi studies how to create intentional communities and hopes to work in the experience design field with youth or education. Shoshi is looking forward to coming back to GES for her third year and planning logistics with Daniel and Allie!

Allie Baxter, Co-Chair of Logistics
Omaha, NE / Northwestern '17, History & Business Institutions

What inspires Allie: Seeing and actively helping an idea become a reality; planning is fun but the satisfaction/chaos that comes with the kickoff of an event or the creation of a product is exhilarating

Allie is a 20-year-old identical twin from Nebraska who loves reading, doing triathlons, making food and exploring new places. She spent the summer interning for her senator in D.C., which meant that she did some cool research and checked out almost every Smithsonian. If you enjoy talking about organizational project management, marketing, or checking out cool (and cheap) restaurants, hit her up. Allie also loves to discuss politics, social issues, sports, Chicago weather and her one true love *food*. Allie loves logistics because they are a very straightforward committee. They make sure The Summit can actually take place and provide the background support to make that happen. You might not see them much during The Summit, but Allie hopes you enjoy what they've helped put together over the next year.


Jerry Benson, Co-Chair of Media and Marketing
Coming soon.

Kelly Gonsalves, Co-Chair of Media and Marketing
Edison, NJ / Northwestern '16, Journalism & Integrated Marketing Communications

What inspires Kelly: Good conversation, live music and sleek graphic design

Kelly is a Jersey-born, Chicago-based multimedia journalist, specializing in sex, social trends, gender and healthy relationships. As an affectionate lover of the written word, Kelly juggles a million and a half reporting gigs while still squeezing in enough time to go on lengthy Twitter rants about the importance of girl power, social change and not being an a**hole. She's a storyteller by trade because she's a listener at heart, and she hopes to use her career in the media to tell the stories that are never heard enough.

Fai Nur, Co-Chair of Media and MarketingFull name: Fai Nur
Flower Mound, TX / Northwestern '17, Journalism

What inspires Fai: People who try to make a positive change

Fai is a junior who’s excited to make this year’s GES better than ever. Her favorite things include Twitter, pop culture, great food, and reading up on the ways young people are engaging in social change across the globe. She also enjoys learning about new people, new cultures, and new places!


Jimmy Wester, Co-Chair of Outcomes
Franklin, TN / Northwestern '18, Chemistry & Global Health

What inspires Jimmy: People who are committed to making a difference

Jimmy was born in Chicago, raised in Botswana, and most recently lived in Franklin, Tennessee. He enjoys the outdoors and loves to travel, and he has a passion for connecting, learning and teaching. GES has been a very important part of his college career, and he looks forward to the Summit every year.

Abby Blachman, Co-Chair of Outcomes
Houston, TX / Northwestern '18, Social Policy

What inspires Abby: Aurora Borealis

Abby grew up in Houston, Texas with her younger brother and two welsh corgis. When she's not with the GES family, her favorite pastimes include stargazing, eating many different shapes of pasta, singling loudly (and poorly) along to all types of music, reading The New York Times op-eds and doodling. She is thrilled to be a part of GES for another year, and can't wait to see all the amazing things everyone is able to accomplish!