Izzy Laskero, Co-Director
Kansas City, MO / Northwestern '20, Social Policy & International Studies

Izzy’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: The Sailing Center because it is a beautiful place to get away from the stresses of everyday life.

A cherished GES memory: My favorite GES memory is hosting two delegates in my house and introducing them to my life at Northwestern.

Izzy is passionate about…education, reading, and dresses.

Serena Tolani, Co-Director
Oak Brook, IL / Northwestern '20, Neuroscience & minor in Global Health & Chemistry

Serena’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: The stone benches outside of the Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary! I've had a lot of great conversations with friends there during study breaks.

A cherished GES memory: Meeting all of our amazing facilitators and keynote speakers last year.

Izzy is passionate about…mentoring, social innovation, and unbridled ambition.


Daisy Conant, Co-Chair of External Relations
Chicago, IL / Northwestern '22, Journalism & Political Science

Daisy’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: Cafe Bergson, because coffee + friends + a space conducive to being productive = <3

A cherished GES memory: It was during summit dinner/party last year, when they brought out cake for the directors and the Content team (including myself) ate half of it before anyone could touch it.

Daisy is passionate about…writing, supporting female voices in politics, and ensuring human rights/freedom of speech protections.

Tyler Ennis, Co-Chair of External Relations
Katy, TX / Northwestern '20, RTVF (Radio, TV, FIlm)

Tyler’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: 4th floor stacks in main library is my second home. I like looking out of the window at all of the people walking by. I also spend an absurd amount of time there...

A cherished GES memory: senior wisdom!

Tyler is passionate about…music :)

Charlotte Tauss, Co-Chair of External Relations
Huntsville, AL / Northwestern '20, Neuroscience & Business Institutions

Charlotte’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: The Shakespeare Garden. It's a peaceful little spot tucked away from everything that's a perfect escape between classes.

A cherished GES memory: One of the Sudanese delegates stayed over at my house for a night and it was an incredible experience getting to learn about each others' homes and lives.

Charlotte is passionate about…hockey.


Dorothy Calba, Co-Chair of Community Development
Des Plaines, IL / Northwestern '20, Political Science, International Studies, & Spanish

Dorothy’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: Lakeside fields—fun memories and nice views.

A cherished GES memory: Having delegates over at my house this past year.

Dorothy is passionate about…soccer, foreign affairs, food, and dog.

Michael Flynn, Co-Chair of Community Development
New York City, NY / Northwestern '20, Science in Human Culture & Anthropology

Michael’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: Norris—has everything you need.

A cherished GES memory: Story slam this past year.

Michael is passionate about…the prison industrial complex.

Anna Yang, Co-Chair of Community Development
Prague, Czech Republic / Northwestern '21, Economics & International Studies

Anna’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: North beach at nighttime. There’s just something about how the crash and lull of the waves melt into the night sky.

A cherished GES memory: Being a Small Group Facilitator! Without a doubt. I loved getting to know my small group delegates on a deeper level and seeing them bond with one another. We still keep a group chat and Skype every once in a while.

Anna is passionate about…the intersections of medicine and PJHR (peace, justice, and human rights). I look forward to pursuing a dual degree as an MD with either a Masters of Public Health or a PhD in Critical Medical Anthropology. With a specific interest in working with refugee/immigrant, low-income, and marginalized communities, I hope to one day be able to help alleviate global health inequalities through an innovation-based systems thinking lens..


Alexis Barber, Co-Chair of Content
St. Louis, MO / Northwestern '20, Political Science & minor in Entrepreneurship

Lee Doyle, Co-Chair of Content
Washington, DC / Northwestern '20, Political Science & Spanish

Lee’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: Periodicals in main library. I love the quiet community of Periodicals people who, like me, need silence to get work done. The Lakefill is nice too, I guess.

A cherished GES memory: My first GES meeting-- it was a story slam and the perfect introduction to such a powerful community.

Lee is passionate about…expanding the American electorate, representative government, and the NYT style section. I love trying new restaurants, reading trashy gossip magazines, and city strolls with friends.


Julia Borland, Co-Chair of Delegate Outreach
Evanston, IL / Northwestern '21, Sociology & Statistics

Julia’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: The Lakefill because it's the perfect place for hammocking and has an incredible view of Chicago!

A cherished GES memory: The Opening Banquet this year. It was my first summit, my first time meeting and speaking to a delegate.

Julia is passionate about…learning about the world around me. I love studying foreign languages and cultures, and traveling to new places.

Carol Silber, Co-Chair of Delegate Outreach
Washington, DC / Northwestern '21, Political Science & International Studies

Carol’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: My favorite place on campus is the walk between Kellogg and the Lakefill, right at the spot where the mini-lake is also in view.

A cherished GES memory: My two favorite GES memories are the pitch competition from last year's summit, and senior wisdom at the end of last year.

Carol is passionate about…domestic and international political issues. Domestically, I am passionate about criminal justice reform and increasing gun control laws. Internationally, I am interested in matters of national security and refugee crises in the Middle East.


Lucas Humerick, Co-Chair of Logistics
Highland Park, IL / Northwestern '21, Legal Studies, BIP, & Environmental Policy

Lucas’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: Deering Library because it feels great to walk out of there feeling a sense of accomplishment.

A cherished GES memory: Going to dinner on Tuesday night with friends from GES when there was no weekly meeting.

Lucas is passionate about…sports and the environment.

Katie Moffitt, Co-Chair of Logistics
Menlo Park, CA/ Northwestern '21, Political Science, Creative Writing, & Environmental Policy and Culture

Katie’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: My favorite place on campus is the Lakefill because it's objectively the most beautiful spot on Northwestern and my preferred place to do work.

A cherished GES memory: My favorite GES memory is getting close to my committee during and outside of our meetings this past year.

Katie is passionate about…changing food policy in the US and learning more about Middle Eastern politics, the history of creative nonfiction, the politics of the criminal justice system, and environmental conservation.


Audrey Valbuena, Co-Chair of Media & Marketing
San Dimas, CA / Northwestern '20, Journalism, International Studies, & Segal Design Certificate

Megan McDonnell, Co-Chair of Media & Marketing
Menlo Park / Northwestern '21, Economics & History

Megan’s favorite place on the Northwestern campus: I love the collaboration area in University Library because it makes me feel surrounded by all the wonderful people at Northwestern

A cherished GES memory: Meeting the delegates and learning about their passion for social change.

Megan is passionate about…social impact, entrepreneurship, tea, travel, and food!