Allie Baxter, Co-Director
Omaha, NE / Northwestern '17, 

Allison Hurst, Co-Director
Eden Prairie, MN / Northwestern '17, Computer Engineering

What inspires Allison: Passionate, intelligent people working towards a common goal

Allison hails from snowy Minnesota, bringing with her a passion for technology and the desire to get people as excited about it as she. She is constantly in awe of the hard work and dedication the rest of the GES staff puts into planning the Summit. Her favorite part about the Summit is getting to meet some of the most passionate and amazing minds of our generation. 


Shoshi Shapiro, Co-Chair of Alumni Relations
New York, NY / Northwestern '17, Learning Science

What inspires Shoshi: Make Space by Scott Doorley, Scott Witthoft, Hasso Platner Institute of Design at Stanford University

Shoshi is a senior at Northwestern studying Learning Science, focusing on the design of learning environments. Shoshi is interested in educating outside of the classroom and like to use the design process as the tool to making successful curricula and programs. She loves a good bagel, traveling and finding the non-touristy spots, and seeing creativity in makerspaces.

Fai Nur, Co-Chair of Alumni Relations
Toronto, Canada / Northwestern '17, Learning Science



Carolyn Brooks, Co-Chair of Campus Relations
Houston, TX / Northwestern '17, Biology

What inspires Carolyn: Exploring

Carolyn is a senior studying Biology and Global Health, and she is thrilled to be back for her third year with GES. Carolyn loves farmers markets, the Academy Awards, baking brownies for family and friends, and her golden retriever.

Onyinyechi Jessica Onyi, Co-Chair of Campus Relations
Chicago, IL / Northwestern '19, African American Studies & Global Health

What inspires Jessica: The company of Black women + femmes

Onyinyechi Jessica is an Igbo woman expressing diaspora in Chicago. She utilizes holistic wellness, plant care, ceramics, the culinary arts, Black Studies, and other forms of making to survive her inhabitance of the colonial structures of academic institutions. Onyinyechi Jessica is multilocal and constantly contesting borders. Jessica belongs to no nation-state, rather to the communities in which she creates, including the Living in Color Artist Collective and the Black Lives Matter chapter at Northwestern.


Sky Swanson, Co-Chair of Community Development
London, England / Northwestern '19, Art History & Political Science

What inspires Sky: Passion, determination and kindness

Sky is from Vienna, Austria and New York City but grew up in London, England. Having served as a member of the content team last year, she is very excited to be on the Global Engagement Summit's Exec Board this year as Community Development co-chair. Sky hopes to use her education to work in progressive politics but in the meantime with a few more years until graduation is enjoying getting to know Chicago's extensive art and food scene! Hit her up if you ever have any suggestions!

Rowan Hussein, Co-Chair of Community Development
Boulder, CO / Northwestern '19, Neuroscience & International Studies

What inspires Rowan: Dedication, a good work ethic, passion, and honestly good food

Rowan has lived in Boulder, CO for the past ten years, but grew up all over the world. She loves nothing more than eating good food which she has found plenty of in Chicago. Her happy place is any hike in beautiful Colorado, and she likes to constantly remind everyone around her that Colorado is the best state. Rowan was blown away by the passion and dedication she saw at the 2016 Summit, and is looking forward to making this Summit the best one yet.

Medha Imam, Co-Chair of Community Development
Oak Brook, IL / Northwestern '17, Journalism

What inspires Medha: Writing, World Cultures & Languages

Medha Imam is a multimedia journalist, hoping to share compelling narratives from all over the world. She is studying journalism and political science at Northwestern University and serves as CommDev Co-Chair for GES 2017. With an obsession for Rom-Coms, Medha can be seen in her spare time watching shows like New Girl and Silicon Valley. With a year long tan, she embraces her South Asian skin tone and culture by constantly jamming out to Bollywood music. And when she's not singing or dancing, she's reading the news or keeping up with upcoming startups. 


Sarah Faruqui, Co-Chair of Content Development
Hong Kong / Northwestern '18, Political Science

Amanda Stephens, Co-Chair of Content Development
Los Altos, CA / Northwestern '17, History

What inspires Amanda: Talking to people about their passions and hearing how her peers are starting to change the world.

Amanda loves spontaneously dancing while walking down Sheridan Road, watching cheesy movies, and making cookies simply to eat the cookie dough. You will probably hear Amanda before you see her.


Daniel Sosnovsky, Co-Chair of Delegate Recruitment
Marietta, GA / Northwestern '17, Industrial Engineering & Statistics

Claire Fahey, Co-Chair of Delegate Recruitment
Chicago, IL / Northwestern '19, American Studies & Journalism

What inspires Claire: Well-written articles, pizza and passionate people.

Claire is from Chicago, the greatest city in the world. She contributes a lot of her worldview to this amazing, often misunderstood, urban center. Claire loves eating copious amounts of carbs and djing on WNUR. Her happy place is anywhere close to Lake Michigan. She spends way too much time expanding her already scary large knowledge of pop culture and scrolling through Twitter. Claire loves the GES family and is so excited to be able to help make this year's summit the best it can be.

Jenny Spaulding, Co-Chair of Delegate Recruitment
Sandy, UT / Northwestern '17, International Studies & Psychology

What inspires Jenny: Positive change in the face of monumental challenges.

Jenny is happiest when she's outside, whether hiking in her backyard (the Wasatch Mountains) or traveling to a new place. She's passionate about environmental welfare and hopes to pursue a career in sustainability. Jenny loves GES, a good cup of coffee, and her black lab "Gus".


Anna Schieber, Co-Chair of Finance and Fundraising
Orland Park, IL / Northwestern '18, Chemical Engineering

What inspires Anna: Small acts of selflessness

Anna enjoys spending time with friends and family, eating absurd amounts of ice cream, and browsing cat Instagrams. She spent the summer in Germany studying renewable energy and sustainability, and she is excited to further explore how she can make an impact fighting climate change. She loves meeting all the passionate, driven people that are involved in GES, and she can't wait for the Summit again this year!

Troy Xu, Co-Chair of Finance and Fundraising
Champaign, IL / Northwestern '18, Classics & Economics

What inspires Troy: My selfless, brilliant, and empathetic peers who are dedicated to making the world a better place. Humor, especially bad puns.

Troy is from Champaign, Illinois. He loves reading, cycling down country roads, museums, cooking, and telling jokes. He is passionate about Asian-American activism, Roman history, and education, particularly in the humanities. This is Troy's second year on GES, and his first as a Co-Chair. He could not be more excited for GES 2017!


Jimmy Wester, Co-Chair of Logistics
Franklin, TN / Northwestern '18, Neuroscience

What inspires Jimmy: People who are committed to making a difference

Jimmy was born in Chicago, raised in Botswana, and most recently lived in Franklin, Tennessee. He enjoys the outdoors and loves to travel, and he has a passion for connecting, learning and teaching. GES has been a very important part of his college career, and he looks forward to the Summit every year.

Mollie Leavitt, Co-Chair of Logistics
Highland Park, IL / Northwestern '18, Journalism & Political Science

What inspires Molly: Teamwork

Though Mollie has lived in Chicago her whole life and continues to go to school there, she is passionate about learning about other parts of the world, both through building relationships through GES and international travel. When Mollie is not pursuing her passion for social change and global development, she enjoys hiking, going to art museums and reading books about inspirational women.

Jonathan Novoa, Co-Chair of Logistics
Los Angeles, CA / Northwestern '18, Electrical Engineering

What inspires Jonathan: Human ingenuity and hope

Jonathan grew up in Los Angeles, CA. He is interested in emerging technologies, economic literacy in developing countries, and increased representation of Hispanics in STEM fields. He loves playing basketball, cooking and spending time with family and his dog. He is terribly excited to meet all of the wonderful delegates of GES 2017 and contribute to their extraordinary experiences and projects.  


Abby Blachman, Co-Chair of Media and Marketing
Houston, TX / Northwestern '18, Journalism

What inspires Abby: friendship

Abby grew up in Houston, Texas with her younger brother and two dogs, but she loves making all different kinds of places her home. Most recently, she has lived in Hong Kong and Washington, D.C. She enjoys photography, running, making Spotify playlists, spending time with friends, and cooking at home (but if you are looking for someone to eat McDonald's french fries with, look no further)! She hopes to use her studies and experience in news and media to make an impact on new forms of education, especially sex education and body positivity for girls and women. Abby loves working with the rest of the amazing people involved with the Global Engagement Summit, and both the group and the summit itself have been a special and important part of her college experience.

Renee Probetts, Co-Chair of Media and Marketing
Denver, CO / Northwestern '18, Industrial Engineering & Integrated Marketing Communications

What inspires Renee: Women in STEM, kindness, and laughter

Renee was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She loves math, puns, cookie dough, and pink. She is a firm believer in the power of happiness and spreading kindness to anyone she meets. She is also passionate about increasing the number of women in STEM fields and in her free time, enjoys breaking down gender normative stereotypes.  

Courtney Zhu, Co-Chair of Media and Marketing
Bloomfield Hills, MI / Northwestern '19, Journalism & Global Health Studies

What inspires Courtney: David Brooks, world cultures, her family

Courtney was born and raised in Changchun, China. She calls Changchun her hometown, but she has also lived in Potsdam, Germany and a number of American suburbs. She's passionate about medicine, understanding healthcare disparities and the forces that drive them. She loves traveling, leisurely walks, memoirs and the occasional adventure out in the wilderness. Her favorite book is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and her favorite pastime at Northwestern is exploring the wonderful, diverse city of Chicago. 


Alex Karahalios, Co-Chair of Outcomes
Northfield, IL / Northwestern '18, Political Science & Spanish

What inspires Alex: Witnessing delegates from around the world come together during the summit and bringing together their varying perspectives and experiences to help each other grow both personally and with their projects.

Alex is a House of Cards enthusiast, a loyal follower of theSkimm, an avid napper, and prefers Spanish music to American music. When in doubt, you can probably find her in the quiet zone of Northwestern's most beautiful library, Deering.

Judy Tsai, Co-Chair of Outcomes
Taipei, Taiwan / Northwestern '19, Economics & Cognitive Science

What inspires Judy: Enthusiasm, what gets people going

While Judy calls Taipei her hometown now, she's lived in Australia, NY, and New Hampshire. This is Judy's second year on GES and first year as a co-chair, which she is super pumped about! Aside from her GES duties, Judy also loves showing people pictures of her dog, planning fun trips to restaurants in Chicago, and being by the water. She also is passionate about her Kindle so hit her up with book recommendations. Above all, she can not wait for April because it's the Summit and her birthday!

Manos Proussaloglou, Co-Chair of Outcomes
Clarendon Hills, IL / Northwestern '18, 

What inspires Manos: Random acts of kindness

My parents were born and raised in Greece, but I have lived in the US all my life. I am studying Political Science, Chemistry, and Environmental Policy. While I am not sure exactly what I want to pursue after leaving Northwestern, I think that climate change is a daunting problem and I want to be a part of the solution. Hopefully, through governmental policy or through educating others who want to make a difference I can leave my mark. On campus I am also involved in greek life as the president of SAE. Outside of school I enjoy exercising, reading, and traveling and am really excited to see what memories the summit can bring this year.