Courtney Zhu, Co-Director
Changchun, China / Northwestern '19, Journalism & Global Health Studies  

Courtney's favorite cuisine: Thai.

A cherished GES memory: Watching a handful of international delegates eat pizza for the first time.

Courtney was born in northeastern China but has lived in Potsdam, Germany and a number of Midwestern suburbs. She is passionate about global health, medicine and strengthening primary health systems. More than anything, she loves an afternoon spent reading in a coffee shop, or trying a new restaurant with her friends and family.

Alexis Barber, Co-Director
St. Louis, MO / Northwestern '20, Political Science & minor in Entrepreneurship

Alexis's favorite cuisine: Asian.

A cherished GES memory: Getting so close to my co-chairs and the delegates at Engage 2018.

Alexis is a St. Louis native and the oldest of eight kids. She is passionate about education reform, entrepreneurship and building communities. Her hobbies include cooking, interior design and hanging out with any member of GES.


Ronni Hayden, Co-Chair of External Relations
Huntington Beach, CA / Northwestern '20, Learning Sciences

Ronni's favorite cuisine: Is sandwiches a cuisine? If not, Italian.

A cherished GES memory: Co-chair retreat this year. Courtney has the best dance moves of anyone I've ever met.

Ronni is from Huntington Beach, California. She loves dogs, coffee shops and time spent in hammocking on the Lakefill with friends. She is passionate about opportunities for women in STEM, human-centered design for social innovation and asset based community development. 

Khaqan Ahmed, Co-Chair of External Relations
Euless, TX / Northwestern '20, Social Policy

Khaqan's favorite cuisine: Japanese.

A cherished GES memory: This annual activity where we read out statements, like “someone who inspires you,” and people touched the hands of those that the statement applied to.

Khaqan is from the suburbs of Dallas and majoring in social policy. He is interested in a range of interconnected topics including health care, public policy and economics. In his spare time he enjoys reading about, playing, watching and discussing basketball and being with his family.

Izzy Laskero, Co-Chair of External Relations
Kansas City, MO / Northwestern '20, Social Policy & International Studies

Izzy's favorite cuisine: Sushi right now, often changing. I also love Indian and Thai.

A cherished GES memory: Capture the flag at the retreat last year, so fun.

Izzy grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. She is passionate about early literacy programs, community investment and world history. She loves elaborate culinary adventures, jogging and exploring the city of Chicago.

Mack Hoagland, Co-Chair of External Relations
St. Louis, MO / Northwestern '20, Economics

Mack's favorite cuisine: Waffles.

A cherished GES memory: Joel and Peter (2018 delegates from Rwanda) sleeping in they room with the heat up on actually 90 degrees and still in their winter coats.

Mack grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He is interested in business strategy and social entrepreneurship. Mack likes playing softball and hanging out with his friends.


Katherine Tierney, Co-Chair of Campus Relations
Columbus, Ohio / Northwestern '19, Political Science & Social Policy

Katherine's favorite cuisine: Pasta.

A cherished GES memory: Being a small group facilitator the past two years. I loved getting to bond with all of the delegates, who make the summit so special! 

Katherine grew up in Columbus, Ohio with three younger sisters. She is interested in human rights, specifically related to immigration law and policy. Katherine loves running, reading and spending time with her family and friends.

Natalie Griffin, Co-Chair of Campus Relations
Boulder, CO / Northwestern '19, Biology & Global Health

Natalie's favorite cuisine: Chinese, especially dimsum.

A cherished GES memory: I was really nervous about GES exec bonding because everyone is so close and Jessica gave the sweetest friendship pull for me about watching me grow up basically and it meant so much to me.

Natalie grew up in college towns across the U.S. She is interested in equality of public education, and the intersection of nonprofits with the public sector. She loves reading any type of fiction, doing puzzles, and cuddling with friends and family.

Esteve Botella, Co-Chair of Campus Relations
Barcelona, Spain / Northwestern '21, Political Science & Economics

Esteve's favorite cuisine: Anything fresh and tasty!

A cherished GES memory: Getting to know last year's delegates at Engage after having worked so hard to get them there.

Esteve has lived most of his life in Barcelona. Yet he went to high school in Eswatini. In his sophomore year at Northwestern, he pursues his interests in establishing global governance systems, strengthen civil society networks, and integrating human rights into intercultural realities. In his free time, he loves cooking, having interesting conversations and, above all, traveling.


Onyinyechi Jessica Ogwumike, Co-Chair of Community Development
Chicago, IL / Northwestern '19, African American Studies

Jessica's favorite cuisine: Nigerian.

A cherished GES memory: When 2018 Delegate Tevarus taught me how to salsa at the Summit celebration.

Onyinyechi Jessica is an Igbo-American immigrant raised in Chicago, IL. Jessica has a passion for decolonizing healthcare and organizing for reproductive justice with attention toward racial and class equity. She enjoys artmaking, storytelling and building community with folk of color to transcend borders.

Anna Petraskova, Co-Chair of Community Development
Prague, Czech Republic / Northwestern '21, Economics & International Studies

Anna's favorite cuisine: Italian.

A cherished GES memory: Baking for dessert wars, getting to know other GES members when being a co-pilot during the summit and Cozy dinners.

Anna grew up in Prague, in central Europe. She loves getting to know other people, eating good food, traveling and running by the beautiful lakefill. She is passionate about helping others, event planning and learning about the world.


Serena Tolani, Co-Chair of Content Development
Oak Brook, IL / Northwestern '20, Neuroscience & minor in Global Health & Chemistry

Serena's favorite cuisine: Spanish tapas.

A cherished GES memory: Introducing delegates to my favorite restaurant in Evanston, Soulwich.

Alex Schneider, Co-Chair of Content Development
Long Beach, NY / Northwestern '19, Learning and Organizational Change & Psychology

Alex's favorite cuisine: Indian! But also Japanese! Maybe Thai?

A cherished GES memory: The GES banquet at Inspiration Kitchen

Alex comes Long Beach, a small community on the south shore of Long Island, New York. His interests are vast, but most of his time is spent either behind a book from his ever-expanding reading list, or talking about his incredible friends. Alex will stop at nothing to continue furthering LGBTQIA+ equality, all while obsessing over his dogs, podcasts and tennis.


Keerthi (Kiki) Yalamanchili, Co-Chair of Delegate Outreach
Trumbull, CT / Northwestern '21, Legal Studies

Kiki's favorite cuisine: I don’t really have one, but I really like seafood.

A cherished GES memory: During engage, showing a delegate around Chicago for the first time as it was their first time in America, and one of them criticizing the bean for being basic

Kiki grew up in Trumbull, Connecticut. She’s passionate about understanding the world around her and the development of both inherent and societally-created divisions between people. She also loves playing with her Yorkshire Terrier Velvet, food blogging and taking long naps.

Rowan Hussein, Co-Chair of Delegate Outreach
Boulder, CO / Northwestern '19, Neuroscience & Creative Writing (Non-Fiction)

Rowan's favorite cuisine: Too hard of a question to answer. I have never met a food I don't like!

A cherished GES memory: The celebratory dinner at the end of my freshmen year: seeing everyone coming together at the end of the Summit made me fall in love with this organization.

Rowan has lived in Boulder, CO for the past ten years, but grew up all over the world. She loves nothing more than eating good food and hiking in beautiful Colorado. She's interested in public health, specifically the intersection between medicine and law. Rowan was blown away by the passion and dedication she saw at the past few Summits, and is looking forward to making her last one the best yet.

Sky Swanson, Co-Chair of Delegate Outreach
London, UK / Northwestern '19, Art History and Political Science

Sky's favorite cuisine: Greek

A cherished GES memory: Delegates’ first snow at GES ‘16

Sky grew up between London, New York City and Munich, Germany. Beyond a passion for democratic politics, she is interested in the ability for collaborations between the public, social and private sectors to drive impact. You’ll most likely find her exploring Chi’s fantastic art scene and new restaurants about town.


Claire Fahey, Co-Chair of Function & Finance
Chicago, IL / Northwestern '19, Journalism & American Studies

Claire's favorite cuisine: Indian and Italian.

A cherished GES memory: Seeing my former DelReach Co-Chairs come to the CR 2018 Keynote Speaker. And dancing with all the delegates and GES staff members during downtime at the Summit.

Claire is from Chicago, the greatest city in the world. Claire loves eating copious amounts of carbs and DJing on WNUR. Her happy place is anywhere close to Lake Michigan. She spends way too much time expanding her already scary large knowledge of pop culture and scrolling through Twitter. 

Christine Hwang, Co-Chair of Function & Finance
Shanghai, China / Northwestern '21, Psychology & Human Development and Psychological Services (HDPS)

Christine's favorite cuisine: Italian or Japanese.

A cherished GES memory: Walking by the lakefill talking with delegates on one of the last days of the Summit and just truly feeling those GES family bonds!

Christine was born in Hong Kong, spent part of her childhood in New Jersey, but calls Shanghai, China, her home. Her interests in mental health and human behavior led her to major in Psychology and Human Development & Psychological Services. Her passion for making and witnessing global impact, also, was what introduced her to GES. In her spare time she enjoys reading, engaging in thoughtful/fun conversations with loved ones, and playing ultimate frisbee.


Michael Flynn, Co-Chair of Media & Marketing
Clarendon Hills, IL / Northwestern '21, Economics & Political Science + certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications

Michael's favorite cuisine: Mexican.

A cherished GES memory: M&M Dessert Wars baking and Amal Kassir's Speech at GES.

Michael grew up in Clarendon Hills, IL. He is interested in water accessibility, immigration law, and the role of the private sector in international relations. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, playing disc golf and petting dogs.

Kathryn Karnaze, Co-Chair of Media & Marketing
Washington DC / Northwestern '20, Journalism & Political Science

Kathryn's favorite cuisine: Italian.

A cherished GES memory: My sister was a pitch competition judge at the Summit this past year. I've always admired the work she does, so hearing her give advice and constructive feedback to the delegates was a really proud sister moment for me.

Kathryn grew up just outside of Washington DC. She is interested in the film industry and telling unconventional stories in unique and diverse ways. She likes to collect drink coasters from bars and pubs around the world and watches a whole lot of HBO and PGA Golf.

Keertana Jain, Co-Chair of Media & Marketing
St. Louis, MO / Northwestern '19, Anthropology

Keertana's favorite cuisine: Thai.

A cherished GES memory: Dancing with the delegates to international music on the last night of the Summit.

Keertana is passionate about art activism and learning about the relationship between culture and medicine. Being raised in St. Louis has left her with a love of frozen custard, but it doesn’t surpass her loyalty to frozen yogurt.  When she’s not at dance practice or dragging her friends to obscure festivals in the city, you can find her soaking in the sun outside or binge watching Madam Secretary.