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The Global Engagement Summit (GES), through our annual Summit, yearlong programming, and staff curriculum, builds the capacity of the next generation of change-makers. By identifying talented, young individuals, providing skills training and connecting driven students with innovative thought leaders, GES empowers them to produce responsible and sustainable solutions to shared global problems. In addition to tangible outcomes, resources, and opportunities, GES also strives to provide a forum for discussing critical issues and evaluating why we want to "do good well." Through GES, students can connect in order to: share challenging ideas, explore the realms of social entrepreneurship and community development, and equip themselves with the tools needed to take their social ventures beyond good intentions. Above all, GES hopes to foster a greater sense of community among the world's young people through partnerships in change, with a view toward a better tomorrow. Engage Chicago will be held April 14th-17th, and GES 2013 will be held April 17th-21st.

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Project Proposal GES is designed to facilitate delegate project growth and development. All delegates must submit a 400-500 word project proposal when applying. Throughout the Summit, GES staff and facilitators will assist in improving and finalizing this proposal. At the end of the conference, all delegates will have the opportunity to apply for “Outcome Opportunities,” such as fund raising support, pro bono consultations, media coverage, and more, to help further their projects.
  1. The issue/problem your project addresses
  2. The method for addressing the issue
  3. The resources needed for implementation
  4. Problems you anticipate facing
Your demonstration of the proposal’s potential for success and feasibility is extremely important. There is no limit to the scale or location of this project, but you must demonstrate your awareness of the issues you face based on where you are proposing to work or how big your goals are. Novelty and creativity are valuable to us.

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Internet and Communications Technology
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Nonprofit Capacity Building
Refugee and Migration Issues
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Media
Sustainable Development

Please submit one 250 word reference letter detailing your leadership skills and motivations to make change in your community. The letter must be submitted directly by a teacher/professor, mentor or employer. Email letters in English to: international@theges.org with YOUR NAME in the subject line.

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