We’ve cultivated a pretty amazing community. Meet just a few of our past delegates.

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“My organization involves working with low-income schools to provide experience based leadership to senior students and academic support to junior students using PEER Teaching. At our core, we train and mentor senior school students in their formative years of age 12-16 to teach their juniors. Our project is now a registered company and I am the CEO. I have a seven person team and we’re working with around 500 kids.”

- Divanshu from india, 2017 delegate


“My project aids marginalized, unskilled and uneducated single mothers in the Niger Delta towards becoming financially stable by empowering them through training, employment and incubating them in a social entrepreneurship hub to learn skills in creative recycling and technology.”

- Alero from Nigeria, 2018 and 2019 Delegate

“My favorite part of GES was the people. Chicago is quite a sight, yes, but the people at GES are both inspiring and beautiful.”

-Tevarus from South africa, 2017 delegate

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Takunda Chingonzo (3) - Takunda Chingonzoh.jpg

“I love exploring. I grew up on a farm, so whenever I get the chance, I drive out of the city and go fishing. I try to explore as much of the wilderness as possible.”

-Takunda from Zimbabwe, 2017 Delegate

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“My project involves the inclusion of amputees in the societies of developing countries by providing affordable and high quality prosthetic limbs.”

-Ashraf from sudan, 2017 + 2018 delegate