Announcing the Closing Keynote 2016

Returning to the Global Engagement Summit four years after she, herself, was a delegate, is Khalida Brohi, this year’s Closing Keynote. The GES staff could not be more excited to have her joining the summit.


In 2009, Brohi founded her nonprofit, the Sughar Empowerment Society. The group’s mission is to unleash the potential of women in Pakistan. The focus is on developing, educating, and raising awareness among women living in rural or tribal areas by providing them with opportunities to launch small businesses.

Since launching her project, Brohi has been recognized by countless people and organizations; Newsweek’s 25 Under 25, Women in the World Foundation, the National Government of Pakistan, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton to name a few. Most recently, she was awarded the inaugural Buffett Institute Award for Emerging Global Leaders.