Cultivating your online presence

By Jonathan Novoa

Ethan Krupp, the current Director of Marketing and Operations at Ampy, gave a talk focusing on the issues plaguing organizations that are trying to navigate social media and other avenues to get their projects and their ideas to the right people. He began the seminar by having the delegates discuss what they liked about some of their favorite ads and proceeded by having them re-evaluate the conversations all under a new light.

“Forget everything you've learned about marketing,” Krupp said.

He emphasized that a deep understanding of projects is instrumental to a successful marketing campaign. Specifically, he introduced three questions to understand one’s audience:

  • Who are you targeting?

  • Why are you targeting them?

  • How are you going to reach them?

By first answering these questions and developing a campaign around these main points, Krupp said the chances one’s projects would reach the right people in the right places would be much higher. Additionally, the delegates engaged in a discussion about the merits and pitfalls of some advertising campaigns, and how their success hinged on the ways in which they had approached.

Krupp continued to push the idea that having a deep understanding of one’s customer and his or her needs is instrumental to communicating what one wants effectively. Some of the main goals he emphasized throughout the seminar were to understand customers, know who they are and recognize how to help them.

Ethan Krupp has been a content producer for Organizing for Action, managed President Barack Obama's Twitter account and is now at Ampy.