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Networking for Business Purposes: Simple Tips for Lifelong Networking

As college students, having only slightly experienced the professional world, networking is an illusive term that conjures mostly feelings of anxiety and annoyance.

However, Tom Alexander, Chief Operating Office of 1871, emphasizes that the concept of networking goes beyond a two-hour time commitment at an event at this workshop, Networking: Building Relationships between People and Organizations.…

Effective Communication

“It’s like early romance.” This is how Briar Goldberg, executive communication coach and speech writer, introduced the idea of effective communication in her seminar: Elevator Pitch. When you first meet a love interest, she says, you are captivated by that person, you can’t spend enough time with them, and you are left wanting more. Effective communication does the exact thing for an audience, and crafting communication is like being a matchmaker. Both show you how to put your best foot forward, putting your message out into the world to spark people’s interest; in other words, making the perfect match.…

A response to the recent tragedies across the United States

In light of recent events in Minnesota, Louisiana, and Texas during which many innocent lives were lost, the Global Engagement Summit offers support to all those members of our community who have been affected by these tragedies, you do not stand alone.

Our community is one that prides itself on compassion, and it is this in particular that is hard to find in times like these. We ask that members of our community have utmost compassion towards fellow humans in the wake of the recent tragedies that took the lives of innocent victims.

Our community also prides itself on …

How to approach the new school year

by Abby Blachman

It is the beginning of a new school year. For me, the beginning of a new school year is filled with promise of fresh energy, new living spaces and lists of goals. The sensory experience I feel with each new beginning is something indescribable. The best comparison I can make to describe the feeling of a new beginning is that of opening an untouched notebook with crisp, white lined pages and beginning to write. The notebook has no folded or crumpled pages, no signs of being worn or bent. It could be filled with anything.

It …